4D Greenland


4D Greenland Project Description The 4D Greenland project aims to perform an integrated assessment of Greenland’s hydrology through maximizing the use of Earth Observation data.  This is done through quantification of the major components of Greenland’s hydrological system and their interconnections: surface melt processes, supraglacial dynamics, and subglacial melt, storage, and drainage. The [...]

Digital Twin Antarctica


Digital Twin Antarctica Project Description The Digital Twin Antarctica project aims to generate an advanced dynamic reconstruction of Antarctica’s hydrology, interaction with ocean and atmosphere, to be used by stakeholders such as decision makers, agencies, managers, scientists, and engaged citizens. The objective is to combine Earth Observation, ice-sheet-ocean-atmosphere simulation, and advanced machine learning [...]



CryoSurf Project Description The European Space Agency (ESA), Earthwave and The University of Edinburgh (UoE) have made significant progress with the completeness and accuracy of CryoSat-2 SAR-In Swath elevation models. However the scientific perfectionists in all of us strive for the next level using the latest technological tool set. Ice-sheets are a current [...]



CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Project DescriptionThe CryoTEMPO project deals with the production of 2 sets of thematic products making use of the technique of swath interferometry applied to SARIn mode CryoSat. The first set of products consist of surface elevation along CryoSat’s swath and generated by the so-called CryoSat swath processor [RD1]. The product is released monthly [...]

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