Polar TEP Integration of CryoTEMPO Data Access and 4D Visualisation Capabilities

Project Description

In its own words “The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP) provides a complete working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, obtain computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, and avoid the need to download and manage large volumes of data.”

Earthwave collaborated with the Polar TEP in order to allow its users to easily access the CryoTEMPO EOLIS data sets. This was achieved with Earthwave’s development of the Specklia API and Python client, granting simple, user-friendly access to analysis ready CryoTEMPO products. Further examples and available datasets can be viewed via the Specklia Documentation Examples pages.

In addition, Earthwave augmented its 4D Viewer capabilities, as demonstrated in our Digital Twin Antarctica project to be easily accessible with user-created content via the Polar TEP platform.

Project Details

Project Duration: Spring 2023 – Fall 2023

Project Partners:

  • Polar TEP
  • Virtuagraphics (for the 4D Viewer)