CryoSurf Project Description The European Space Agency (ESA), Earthwave and The University of Edinburgh (UoE) have made significant progress with the completeness and accuracy of CryoSat-2 SAR-In Swath elevation models. However the scientific perfectionists in all of us strive for the next level using the latest technological tool set. Ice-sheets are a current [...]



SWATH CryoTEMPO Project Description The CryoTEMPO project deals with the production of 2 sets of thematic products making use of the technique of swath interferometry applied to SARIn mode CryoSat. The first set of products consist of surface elevation along CryoSat’s swath and generated by the so-called CryoSat swath processor [RD1]. The product [...]

Mountain Glaciers and CryoSat


Mountain Glaciers and CryoSat Project Description The Mountain Glaciers project aims to generate swath elevation over the High Mountain Asia and Alaska regions using data from the CryoSat satellite radar altimeter. From the swath elevations, rates of surface elevation change, mass change and contribution to sea level rise are quantified to estimate global [...]

IceExplorer – The Visual Interface for CryoSat Data Products


IceExplorer - The visual interface for Cryosat data products Project Description Earthwave built the 'IceExplorer' - a web based visual data sharing platform to make Cryosat-2 data products available for download and data exploration. Components include (1) a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with spatial visualisation and the functionality to download data, (2) a [...]

Deep Learning with CryoSat


Deep Learning with CryoSat Project Description Compensating for penetration in radar altimetry cryosphere elevation estimates using deep learning: EarthWave conducted a feasibility study using Swath radar altimetry and Operation Icebridge Lidar data fused together and to train a neural network to improve elevation estimates. Our model compensates for 70-90% of the mean penetration, [...]