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Satellite data platforms and services.

Case study: Cryo2Ice platform.

Cryo2Ice is a campaign that increased the ground track intersection of the CryoSat-2 and ICESat-2 satellites over short time intervals. The orbit change of CryoSat-2 is an enabling step for applications that require co-incident data, such as measuring snow depth and capturing the temporal variation.

Using our high performance spatio-temporal query platform, the Cryo2Ice Coincident Data Explorer enables users to visualise the spatial intersections for a given time window and download the ESA and NASA data products.

Visualisation capabilities.

Dynamic reconstruction.

As part of Destination Earth (DestinE) initiative by the European commission we developed an advanced dynamic reconstruction of Antarctica’s hydrology (Digital Twin Antarctica), interaction with ocean and atmosphere, combining state of the art observation of past and current state combined with simulations of the Earth system in and around Antarctica.

We developed tools for immersive 4D visualisation and interactive scientific storytelling.

Research and Development.

Operational products.

We have developed operational scientific products such as the Cryo-TEMPO EOLIS product, now distributed by the European Space Agency.

Scientific Research.

As part of multiple Europe-wide consortiums, we efficiently deliver reproducible scientific research and algorithm development using a wide range of satellite data, including Sentinel and CryoSat as well as other sources such as Airborne Lidar.

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