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We care about the environment: Our projects and services are focused on understanding, predicting and preventing the effects of climate change on our planet



Meet the Earthwave team

Martin Ewart, CEO & Co-Founder

Martin is an experienced data scientist having spent 15 years building analytics platforms at Barclays and Amazon and has many years of experience managing teams and businesses across global offices. He has a background in both, Mathematics (Imperial College) and Earth Observation (University of Edinburgh). Now living his dream, Martin is focused on creating fast and interactive satellite analytics systems and platforms. He has a side interest in machine learning and has investigated using neural networks to improve elevation estimates. Rumour has it that his sons’ first spoken word was ‘algorithm’.

CONTACT: martin@earthwave.co.uk

Livia Jakob, Research Scientist & Co-Founder

Livia has a strong background in Computer Science, Earth Observation and Geographical Information Science, allowing her to bring research and data analysis together with efficient data structures and flexible software solutions. Prior to EarthWave, Livia founded a multiple award-winning NGO, which supports education and sustainability projects in El Salvador. In addition, she has won a number of awards for her visualisation skills. If she is not in the EarthWave office working on our research projects you will most likely find her in the climbing wall or in the Highlands.

CONTACT: livia@earthwave.co.uk

Dr. Noel Gourmelen, Scientific Director & Co-Founder

Noel is a Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere, and programme director of the MSc in Earth Observation at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh. Prior to this position, he was Associate Professor of Earth Observation at the Institut de Physique du Globe (IPGS), University of Strasbourg, France and a European Space Agency Research Fellow. His field of expertise is satellite remote sensing of the Cryosphere and Solid Earth, with a particular emphasis on the quantitative techniques of radar interferometry; he has pioneered the use of Multiple Aperture radar Interferometry for the measure of ice flow.

CONTACT: noel@earthwave.co.uk

Jonathan Alford, CTO & Director

Jonathan has 20 years system engineering experience, having overseen multiple risk IT teams at Barclays. This role involved managing global teams, senior business stakeholders and owning the technology strategy, ensuring the platform could support evolving business requirements. Jonathan has a mathematical background (Sussex University) as well as Financial Mathematics (Warwick University). After a career break having enjoyed a quiet life on a sailing boat, Jonathan now oversees our IT stack, leading the design and build of our platform, whilst additionally performing business development.

CONTACT: jonathan@earthwave.co.uk

Alex Horton, Research Scientist & Director

After focussing on theoretical and computational modules during his Physics Masters, Alex pursued a successful career in finance with a core focus on technology. With experience in development, management and business analysis, all roles involved big-data problems applying complex, analytical, what-if scenarios to billions of data points. He is now returning to his scientific routes, applying his wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of Earth Observation.

CONTACT: alex@earthwave.co.uk

Julia Bizoń, Earth Observation Software Engineer

Julia is a recent Master of Informatics graduate from The University of Edinburgh. She has a strong academic background with a focus on software engineering, machine learning, and database theory. New to the field of Earth Observation, Julia is excited to expand her knowledge and contribute to EarthWave’s mission. Julia works on our code base, extending the platform and implementing new functionality. 

CONTACT: julia@earthwave.co.uk

Carolyn Michael, Data Scientist

Carolyn is a recent graduate of the MPhys Astrophysics programme at The University of Edinburgh. She has previously worked on several academic projects focussing on statistical modelling and data visualisation. Whilst previously applying these techniques to Astrophysical objects, she is now turning her focus back to Earth. Outside of work, you will find Carolyn either up some hills or in the climbing gym.

CONTACT: carolyn.michael@earthwave.co.uk


Johanna Kauffert, Earth Observation Analyst

Johanna is a recent graduate of the MSc. Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management of the University of Edinburgh. Already in her Master’s Dissertation, she has collaborated with Earthwave and explored ways to estimate population in Uganda with deep learning techniques. Before coming to Edinburgh, Johanna studied Geography at the University of Bonn (Germany) and the University College Cork (Ireland). After work, Johanna enjoys to road-bike or to pull a few lanes in the pool.

CONTACT: johanna.kauffert@earthwave.co.uk

Robin Percival, Commercial Operations

With over forty years of experience in the Retail Sector managing multi-location stores, Robin fields the commercial aspects within the organisation and has worked at SME to PLC level within independent retail and larger store groups within the UK and with International Trade Bodies including The British Shops and Stores Association, The British Independent Retailers Association and The Fashion Association of Britain. When Robin isn’t working, he will often be found fronting his much loved Pop and Rock Band in local venues.

CONTACT: robin@earthwave.com

Xavier Weiss, Developer

Xavier is an MSci student in Physics and Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. As part of the Space Placement in Industry (SPIN) programme he helped build-up the machine learning infrastructure at EarthWave and now continues to pop in to help with data visualisations and animations. When he’s not coding, Xavier likes to shoot short films and make 3D models.

CONTACT: xavier.r.m.weiss@gmail.com