CRISTAL LEVel-2 procEssor prototype and R&D: Land Ice and Inland Water (CLEV2ER LIIW)

Project Description

CLEV2ER LIIW is a programme of work that is designed to support the development, implementation and evolutions of the CRISTAL Level-2 product and algorithms associated with the Ground Processor Prototypes over Land Ice and Inland Water surfaces.

This includes designing, building, testing and evolving the CRISTAL Level-2 thematic GPP’s for Land Ice and Inland Water domains. There is also an R&D aspect to the project, which aims to address the outstanding scientific and technical questions relating to domain-specific Level-2 processing of data acquired by the IRIS instrument.

Project Details

Project Duration: 2023 – 2026

Project Partners:

  • University of Lancaster
  • isardSAT
  • CLS
  • Ebrenn
  • DTU